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Why buy used, pre-owned or Refurbished

Why buy used, pre-owned or Refurbished?



Buying used equipment from Alta Technologies Inc. has several very real benefits over buying new.  First of all, our hardware is fully tested and 100% guaranteed to work!  We can ship most orders the same day, and we specialize in equipment that is often difficult to locate, such as Withdrawn items, End of Life, and so on.

Our in-house testing lab allows our highly skilled technicians to fully configure, test, and carefully pack each shipment on site.  We pride ourselves on selling inventory directly from our Plymouth, MN warehouse.  Bottom line, our on site engineers, warehouse facility, professional integrity, and 100% money-back warranty provides you with an unbeatable value you will be challenged to find elsewhere.  At ALTA, we do provide the Ultimate Value.

Don't Let IT Budget Cut Backs Get You Into Hot Water When It Comes to Performance!

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