A stocking reseller is any company that buys and sells equipment that was previously owned. The condition of this equipment may still be new in its original box. It may be new with an opened box, or it may be used/refurbished equipment.

Some "resellers" will then buy this equipment and keep physical inventory, a.k.a. "stocking reseller." Now there are many resellers out there who will buy equipment in this manner, however not all of them actually take those items into inventory. They may just drop ship them from one seller to the buyer's location.

Especially when it comes to used IT and Networking Equipment, a potential buyer will want to be sure that the company they are purchasing from has an actual on site data center where the opened and used equipment can be tested and restored to its original functional condition.

This way, the buyer can better avoid issues with non-functional equipment. Since so many IT budgets have been drastically reduced over the past five years, IT administrators have to do more with less. Sometimes, this means that they are sourcing used equipment for spare parts rather than paying full retail price purchasing directly through distribution channels.

At times a stocking reseller or a VAR (value added reseller) will be able to assist a company in sourcing quality used and refurbished or even new hardware this way. So how do you find one of these companies?

The truth is that they may sometimes be tough to find. Often, your best bet is to perform a Google search for the type or brand of equipment that you are seeking and to include the term reseller in your search keywords. Keep in mind, a company who specializes in this space is paying to make sure that they show up in your search results.

The more specific your request for results, the more likely you may actually find what you are looking for. Here is an example of terms you could use in a Google or Bing search in order to find a stocking reseller who has the inventory you are searching for. Let's say that your company has IBM servers and you are looking to replace a failed hard drive. Your search terms could include, "ibm hard drive reseller."

Now you have narrowed down your search results to a more targeted list of where to start. Good luck in your search. Hopefully you now have a better idea of what a stocking reseller really is.