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Telco Servers

Fully tested, Used and Refurbished Telco Servers 
Netra 120 (N25) Netra CT 810 Netra ct 800
Netra 1280 (N40) Netra CT 810, RoHS: YL Netra ft 1800 (N05)
Netra 1280, RoHS: YL (N40) Netra CT 820 Netra t 1100 (N01)
Netra 1290, RoHS: YL (N80) Netra T1 AC200 (N21) Netra t 1120 (N04)
Netra 20 (N28) Netra T1 DC200 (N21) Netra t 1125 (N03)
Netra 210, RoHS: YL (N79) Netra T2000, RoHS: YL (N20) Netra t 1400 (N15)
Netra 240 (N54) Netra X1 (N19) Netra t 1405 (N14)
Netra 240, RoHS: YL (N54) Netra X4200 M2 (N87) Netra t1 Model 100 (N07)
Netra 440 (N42) Netra X4450 (NX445) Netra t1 Model 105 (N06)
Netra 440, RoHS: YL (N42) Netra ct 1600 (N08) Netra xt 600
Netra CT 1600 (N09) Netra ct 400 ft-SPARC

 netra t2000


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