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Sun CoolThreads

Fully tested, Used and Refurbished CoolThreads


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Sun Fire T1000, ToHS: YL (T10)     
Sun Fire T2000 (T20)
Sun Fure T2000, RoHS: YL (T20)
Sun SPARC Enterprise T1000, RoHS: YL (SEA)
Sun SPARC Enterprise T2000, RoHS: YL (SEB)
Sun SPARC Enterprise T5140 (SET)
Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220 (SED)

sun t2000CoolThreads technology delivers up to twice the performance on half the power of competing systems, shattering power and cooling constraints. Aggressively priced and superbly engineered, the Sun Fire T2000 server gives you the performance your business needs to grow, while saving you money now and into the future. Express or overnight shipping can be arranged by request.  For a free quote please fill out our request for quote form here. If your needs are more immediate please feel free to call us any time at 1-800-546-2582 for assistance.


Fully tested and inspected equipment 

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