Alta Technologies -Used Hardware Solutions

We are a used server and refurbished IT equipment reseller located in Plymouth, MN.  We can ship most parts same day and are sensitive to international shipping and working with customs agencies. Most importantly – we can get the job done, at deep discounts, with warranty, and we work with integrity.

If there was EVER a time to consider purchasing refurbished server and networking equipment, that time is NOW. First of all, buying used server equipment saves money.  We are talking about savings of 80% or more off retail prices.  By partnering with us, you have the ability to customize your order.  We have the time and skilled engineers to devote to your needs.  We are able to offer cash for your used parts or machines you are upgrading and removing.  

All of these advantages mean that you spend budget dollars on performance options for your client like speed, security, and reliability. 

Call the Used & Refurbished Experts: 800.546.2582 or international 1.763.475.2900

We can offer cash for your used and refurbished server equipment and are interested in Cisco, Dell, HP, IBM, and SUN equipment.  Call us! 

Measure our pricing against our retail counterparts.  Check out their online pricing and compare: 

CISCO      DELL      HP      IBM      SUN



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